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Ethical business, gaining and retaining customer loyalty and remaining relevant and innovative is what our company continuously strives for.



1940 -

Anthony Piscopo, the founder of the company, initially started out by helping his father to sell fresh produce to the locals as well as to the British military soldiers residing in Malta at the time of the Second World War. For this reason, Anthony was excused from the Military draft which was pre-request at the time.

In the late 1940’s, Anthony wanted to venture out  for himself so he started off by buying a horse drawn cart and started selling fresh produce to the locals residing in the southern part of the island.


1952 -

Anthony’s selling skills started to excel so much that he decided to buy his own grocery shop in the heart of Paola which lies in the south of Malta. Since the locals used to call him ‘Ninu’ which is short for Anthony, he decided to name the shop, ‘Ninu’s Family store’.


1972 -

The shop’s original concept started to be taken over by a growing trade, that is, the beverage market, particularly beers, minerals and water. Anthony agreed to start distributing these items for one of Malta’s leading breweries.


1975 -

Anthony’s shop is totally transformed into a Wines, Spirits and Tobacco shop, which was considered an innovation at the time. Ninu’s family store took on a new name and Antonio Piscopo Wines and Spirits was established.


1980 -

‘Antonio Piscopo Wines and Spirits’, became the leading wholesaler on the island of Wines, Spirits and Tobacco.


1992 -

Anthony decided to hand over the business to his 5 sons and 1 daughter, all of whom had assisted him in running the business in previous years.


1995 -

The newly established directors of Antonio Piscopo Wines and Spirits where constantly seeking ways to enhance their ever growing business and so a second shop was introduced in St Paul’s Bay which is situated  in the Northern part of Malta.. ‘Piscopo’s cash and carry’ was established.

Since this new shop was at the time surrounded by hotels, restaurants and bars, the directors decided to give this shop a totally different concept from that of Antonio Piscopo Wines and Spirits so as to reach out to this particular segment in the market.

Furthermore to this, the company also started to experiment with the importation sector and set off by importing a few foreign wines and also spirits.


2000 -

An Ice Plant was developed to form part of Antonio Piscopo Wines and Spirits. Manufacturing, packaging and distributing of ice cubes and flakes rendered further growth for the organization.


2004 -

To add on to the ice plant, a salumeria packaging plant was also developed. Here various types of cured ham and cheese where being packaged under the new Banoffe brand.


2006 -

Piscopo’s cash and carry established itself as a fully fledged supermarket and opened its doors to its first shop in shop, Prime meat shop, selling fresh as well as frozen cuts of meats.


2009 -

Following the success of the butcher shop in shop, Piscopo’s cash and carry introduced a Delicatessen counter as well as a Fruit and Vegetable stall.

An e-commerce website was also introduced in 2009. Apart from being sold in both shops, Christmas hampers could now also be purchased online. This gave the company a new portal which could reach potential customers or simply to give existing customers and easier way to shop.


2010 -

Further expansion was made at Piscopo’s cash and carry and this made it possible to include major FMCG’S especially renowned household brands.


2013 -

1st April 2013 marked the demise of Anthony Piscopo, founder of the entire organization.


2015 -

Structural changes at Piscopo’s cash and carry commenced early in 2015, this time to expand the entrance and cash area of the shop.

The Delicatessen shop in shop at Piscopo’s cash and carry has been taken over by the company, branding it; The Deli by Piscopo. This move into this particular sector has again proved that the company strives to be dynamic and innovative.

Plans for late 2015 include and upgrade in the company’s entire software system as well as new website which will now include a newly built e-commerce shop which will be functional throughout the entire year and not just seasonal.



However, we are always keen to meet energetic and talented professionals who would like to join our team. If you wish to be considered for any future positions, please send your CV and covering letter to : sales@piscopo.com.mt