Organising a wedding or a reception is no easy task, since a lot of work and detailed planning needs to be carried out to ensure a successful and special event. Focusing on the wines and spirits aspect of any function, one needs to establish the right quantity, quality, and range of these products.

At Antonio Piscopo Co. Ltd. we offer expert advice based on more than 60 years of professional experience. We give all our customers the individual attention that they need, focusing not only on their needs but also on their expectations. We take into account the number of people invited, the season when the wedding or reception will take place, the time of the day as well as the allocated budget. In this way, we are able to provide each of our customers the right mix of products at the best value for money, ensuring not only a successful reception but also the much sought-after peace of mind.


The service that we offer our customers:

  • The full range of products available on the market at very competitive prices;
  • Over 300 different wines from all over the world;
  • Expert advice on the amount of wine, spirits, beer, minerals, juices, water and ice required;

Opening times:

Antonio Piscopo – Paola
Monday to Saturday From 8am till 7pm
Sunday – 8am till 12.30pm

Piscopo's Cash and Carry – St. Paul's Bay
Monday to Wednesday – 8am till 7pm
Thursday and Friday – 8am till 8pm
Saturday – 8am till 7pm
Sunday – 8am till 12.30pm